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Career Profiles

PVT and Organic Geochemistry Laboratory Manager for 7 years

Management of ~20 technical staff
Responsible of investment budget
In charge of current expenses
HSE Supervisor for Laboratory activities, including construction works in the building

Research activities for more than 20 years (70+ publications in International Journals)

Teaching experience of more than 20 years

Member of the Administration Board of the University of Pau for 8 years (elective position)

Professionnal Experience


Laboratory Manager - France - September 2009 (current position)

Organise and follow up the laboratory activities for operational analyses for TOTAL affiliates
Manage and supervise on field job (missions) of the Lab technical staff using portable analytical equipments
Manage and supervise the R_and_D activities of the Lab (technology and methodology development)
Supervise Technological development of new equipments to tackle new challenges
Deployed, in coordination with other TOTAL’s labs a Quality and Environmental Management System
in the Lab with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification since December 2013.
Perform annual evaluation of staff performances and objectives assignment
Schedule annual training program of the Lab technical staff

University of Pau

Assistant Professor- France – September 1998-September 2009

In charge of the supervision of all technical activities within the “transport properties team” of the Lab of Complex Fluids
(academic lab partner of TOTAL and the CNRS French Research Council):
Development of several high pressure devices such electrical conductimeter, rheometer.
Main PhD supervisor of 3 fellows
Co-supervise ~10 PhD fellows
Member of several PhD examination boards

Imperial College, London (UK)

Research Fellow for Elf-Atochem- UK – January 1995 - April 1996

In charge of testing Batch Scheduling software developed in the “Center for Process Systems Engineering” with 2 real industrial PVC production units of Elf-Atochem (former French chemical producer, now Arkema)
This position was held as part of the fulfillment of the former compulsory Civil Service alternate to Military Service.


“Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches” - July 2003 - University of Pau (Fr)
« French Academic Qualification for supervising PhD students”
PhD in Chemical Physics - December 1996 - University of Pau (Fr)
MSc in Physics - June 1991 - University of Pau (Fr)


Fluent in English
User of TOTAL’s in-house Thermodynamic software (BEST) for reservoir fluid modeling based on Equation of States
Co-author of more than 70 papers published in International Journals
(Fluid Phase Equilibria, J. Chem Eng. Data, Int. J. of Thermophysics, High Temperatures-High Pressures, J. Chem. Thermodyn. etc.)
Teaching skills for more than 20 years:
15 years in academic environment (thermodynamics, mechanics, thermal phenomena, optics, applied mathematics, VB programming etc)
6 years in industrial environment: regular lectures given within internal courses for PVT (within TOTAL)
4 years at Imperial College (London, UK): 1.5 days/year course on Sampling and analysis for PVT

Software development skills in Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applicationsbr
Database development and management skills (MS Access)
Knowledge in SQL
Knowledge in Scilab/Matlab


Member of the administration board of a Cycling Association (~80 members)
Sports: Mountain Bike, Surf, Ski, Golf.
Video maker

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